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Students of Computer Science Department Won National Competition

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Students of UGM Computer Science and Electronics Department won two awards in national level. First is the third winner of Chip-Nokia Mobile Games competition Developer Final War. Second is the big three in the competition of Windows Phone 7 Challenge.

Competition of Chip-Nokia Mobile Games Developer Wars Final was held on June 4, 2011 at FX Mall, Jakarta. Rifauddin Tsalitsy and Muhammad Lathif Pambudi in Omah TI Mobile Games (OMG) Team UGM won the championship by their game 'Arjuna Sang Pemanah’ (Arjuna the Archer). Meanwhile, the first winner was achieved by Dramit team from Bandung with ‘School Escape ', Jurit Malam episode. Next, the second position was occupied by Enlight Games team, ITS, with "Waroeng Express Jawa."

This competition is the final of three competitions of mobile game developer war which were previously held in Bandung, Yogyakarta (Jogja Game Expo), and Jakarta. In the final round, 9 winning teams from previous competitions competed. Some of the teams that passed are Dramit with 'School Escape’ game, Hantu Digital with ‘Hantu Digital’ (Digital Ghost), and Dongskar Pedongi with ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika'.

The teams that which made it into the final were OMG (UGM) with 'Arjuna The Archer' game, Enlight Games Studio with 'Waroeng Express', Sate with 'Too Much, Satay', Anonim Team with 'Malin Kundang', Omah Games (UGM) with 'Nakula Sadewa', and Aksanesia with “Aksara” (Letters).

In the competition, each finalist did a presentation in front of the judges and visitors of FX Mall. Furthermore, the top three were chosen to do a live coding session. In this session, three participants were given the challenge to add new features onto their games and to be completed within one hour.

OMG UGM Team consisting of Firdaus Ismail Sholeh and Irkham Huda, creator of 'Nakula-Sadewa', which was the second champion in Mobile Game Developer War Jakarta, has not been ranked in the final round.

Top Three of Windows Phone 7 Challenge

Meanwhile, CircleStudio Team that also comes from Department of Computer Science UGM managed to become one of the winners in Windows Phone 7 Challenge held by Microsoft Indonesia. The competition took place during February-May 2011 ago. In this competition, two categories were competed, namely the development of applications and mobile games.

The team whose members are Firdaus Ismail Sholeh, Irkham Huda, R. Gathot Fajar (three students of Computer Science, Class of 2008) and Eko Nugraha (Class 2009) managed to become the top three in mobile games category. The game they developed was called 'GreenGuard', a tower defense game, raising theme of illegal logging in Indonesia as one of the causes of global warming.

In this game, the player is asked to keep a forest on one island in Indonesia, by building a control tower as the base of the forest police. At each level, illegal loggers who cut down trees in the forest with different equipment appear. The more trees are cut, the more rapid global warming is. In this case, the player has to place the tower effectively to minimize the number of trees being cut.

As one of the winners, CircleStudio deserves one device of Windows Phone 7 and gets access to send its work to Windows Phone Marketplace, an online application store recently released by Microsoft. 'GreenGuard' is planned to be available on the Marketplace starting in July 2011.