Bjorn Widfors Malmo University - Sweden

To learn about a country and its politics, i think its good to study in that country to get a better understanding. The classes at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM, has helped me to get greater understanding about the Southeast Asian Region. It has also been interesting to hear the views of EU and EU's role from Indonesian perspective

Tiffany Gregor ESCEM - France

I am currently studying for a Double Degree at the University Gadjah Mada. Right now I am almost half way through and so far I had a great time in Indonesia. The people, food, and weather is very nice. Studying at Gadjah Mada for one year gives me a lot of good opportunity to learn the language, explore Indonesia, and experience other cultures.

Rob Moran Charles Darwin University - Australia My name is Robert Moran and I have come to Indonesia to learn the language. By learning at UGM in Indonesia, I believe that my language skills will be much better than learning bahasa in Australia.   




Jemila Victoria University - Australia I chose UGM because they offer the unique opportunity to join with the KKN program. I am really excited to work in the village on some sustainable projects with other university students. This is an opportunity that simply does not exist in Australia and I think will give a lot of prospective to apply to my social studies at home in Australia.